The selection of your mediator is perhaps the most important decision you will make when deciding to mediate a case.

This website and the attachments describe Jill’s experience and her mediation approach. But, you still may wonder: How do I know that Jill is an effective mediator?

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Having handled and resolved hundreds of disputes, administrative charges and state and federal court litigation matters, Jill brings a perspective to the table that is unique and distinguishes her from other mediators in the field. Jill’s extensive legal and employment law experience means that Jill can jump right into the substance of the matter and use her experience to advise on issues key to resolving the dispute at hand. 

During her career, Jill has experienced first-hand what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work in mediations. As a result, Jill has a strong belief that each case is unique and that a custom-tailored approach makes the mediation session most efficient and effective.

Before the mediation session, Jill will work with you to customize the approach. Jill will talk to you about next steps including submitting information in advance of, and how to effectively prepare for, the mediation session. She will study the information you submit, and will conduct follow up conversations as necessary to ensure she is well-prepared for the mediation session. 

During the mediation, Jill has a naturally calm and non-judgmental, yet rational and practical, demeanor which allows her to quickly develop trusting relationships. Jill most often, but not always, recommends beginning the mediation session with a short introductory meeting to welcome the participants, and to talk through how the day may progress. Much of the mediation session is then often spent talking to the parties separately. During this time, Jill seeks to understand and appreciate the parties’ perspectives, and to provide them with an opportunity to be heard and to express their interests and concerns. Jill uses her broad expertise to asks questions designed to help the parties see the matter from a different perspective and to come up with creative ideas for resolution. When appropriate, Jill also provides her opinion to help the parties more accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their legal and factual claims. Jill’s approach encourages active party participation in the mediation session, which increases the likelihood of resolution and results in more durable agreements.

After the mediation, Jill will follow up to ensure that the agreement is finalized. If an agreement is not reached at the mediation session, Jill’s persistence will not waiver. Jill will continue her efforts to help the parties bring the matter to resolution

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Sopha Mediation LLC is pleased to offer the option of conducting mediations virtually (via video and audio) on Zoom. Conducting mediations on Zoom is a complimentary service available for all clients of Sopha Mediation LLC.